Out of the Woodwork has been building hand-made, custom furniture since 2012.

Hello.  Welcome to Out of the Woodwork! We are Jeff and Aimee Reber.

He’s a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock-n-roll.  It’s actually more like he’s a little bit soft rock and I’m a little bit hip-hop.  You get the drift! We are a husband and wife team that enjoys envisioning, creating and building together.  We utilize our love of nature to influence our design, and then add our personality with a mix of modern and rustic touches to make our builds unique.

We believe that furniture is the cornerstone of your home.  Statement pieces have their own individuality that adds to your home’s character and charm.  Whether it is the accent table or mantle that your family photos are showcased on, a shelf that holds a piece of memorabilia from a treasured vacation, or the table that your family and friends gather around to enjoy a meal, we believe the furniture and decor you choose tells your story.

If there is a custom piece you are looking for, we can help turn your idea into reality.  We enjoy the distinctiveness of our customers’ vision and will collaborate with you on the design.  Our goal is to create quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Thank you for visiting our page.  Use the contact form for inquiries or to schedule a consultation.